The Message

The message was left to us by Mom. She loved music, dancing, talking, writing, laughing, planting flowers, and photography.  She was outgoing, engaging, and incredibly witty. She loved entertaining and spending time with children, and she had the amazing ability to connect with all types of people.  

Anyone who knew Beija knew that she loved to make people laugh and she had the gift of gab.  But what many did not know was how talented a writer she was.  With her written words, she artfully expressed her love of life and her family and her passion for music.  She also poignantly described her challenges with and triumphs over physical and emotional pain. With her passing in July of 2008, she left enough words to fill volumes.

The Mission

“Live It, Give It…LOVE”

The journey began in May of 2009 when we had the idea to put Mom’s quote on a handful of shirts, in her honor and memory. We never could have imagined the impact it would have. Since then, this message by way of t-shirt, has traveled the globe to over 20 countries and counting. A universal need to give and receive LOVE bonds ALL of us. As we all do at times, Mom struggled with knowing and accepting love, giving it and receiving it from others, loving herself and feeling worthy of love. But she knew its power and its importance. She understood how transformative it is. With this message comes a calling. A call to bring awareness to your energy and and how that energy influences the space in around you. LOVE is an energy with the power to transform. When you’re wearing the message or you see another wearing it, the hope is that you are inspired and that you inspire others to act out of love and to see the world through the lens of LOVE. We can ALL do this. It’s fun and there is such joy in it!

Love resides within us. Love is an energy. Love is a feeling. Love does not discriminate. Love is communicated by everyone. Love is a language in and of itself. Love is increased by being shared. Love is in infinite supply. Love uplift when you are weary. Love pushes you forward when fear immobilizes you. Love reminds you that you are free and supported. Love causes a fluttering within your chest. Love understands. Love connects. Love removes barriers. Love guides. Love directs. Love heals. Love comforts. Love is ever-present. Love protects. Love makes all things right. Love forgives.

Beija Abrante , October 12, 1944 - July 14, 2008

Beija Abrante, October 12, 1944 - July 14, 2008